George & York

Fife Capital

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Calibre Consulting is working closely with John Wardle Architects to create Sydney’s newest 38-storey residential tower and retail podium. Whilst modern and innovative in design, the development’s parameters are ruled by the complexities of the heritage site on a known fault line.

George & York Penthouse Exterior View

The four-storey George Street retail (and heritage) frontage will link to the 32-storey residential tower. Given the height and position of the tower (partially above two heritage buildings), the development requires significant excavation.

A key design and construction challenge will be to excavate beneath the heritage buildings. To add to the complexity, there are also five operational rail tunnels parallel to York St. Using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Calibre will audit the existing tunnels/rail easements to assess how the construction and excavation will impact the tunnels.

As the site is within a known fault zone, our team has relied on their expertise in complex basement excavation methodologies to address the design challenges.

Calibre Consulting have taken an extremely balanced approach to the structural design of the York and George tower. Their deep understanding of the project's constraints and ambition has been instrumental in reaching the site's full development potential.

Gareth Sneade, (former) Investment & Development Manager, Fife Capital


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