Ellenbrook Nutrient Stripping Wetlands

Building Management & Works and Swan River Trust

Ellenbrook, Western Australia, Australia

This project involved design and documentation of a nutrient stripping wetlands system on a 1.2km stretch of the Ellenbrook tributary to the Swan River. As lead consultant, Calibre Consulting worked closely with Swan River Trust to develop the scheme from an initial concept plan for a wetlands rehabilitation of the existing watercourse through to construction.

Ellenbrook Wetlands

Our team provided civil engineering and water and environment services. Key elements included:

  • Building 3D modelling of the entire project area
  • Cut and fill balancing, dewatering and acid sulphate management
  • Hydraulic modelling of river channel
  • Design and documentation of nutrient stripping basins, including ironmangypsum treatment
  • Incorporating environmental criteria and bio-engineering requirements
  • Pumping system with pressurised water distribution
  • Inlet and outlet flow control structures to basins
  • Electrical power supply

Key Services:


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