Whether you want to build new communities, improve our waterways and local environments, or don’t yet know where your skills can take you, our Graduate Program is just the ticket your career needs to get on its way.

Graduate Engineer_Cameron Perkins

As a Graduate Engineer at Calibre Consulting you’ll work within a structure designed to nurture your professional development. You’ll be exposed to different teams working on a diversity of projects. You’ll work alongside colleagues with varied expertise who are excited to share their knowledge and experience with you. And you’ll have access to senior leaders and managers who want you to succeed.

Our program provides a solid foundation for your engineering career, giving you the experiences, tools and networks to discover your potential and see what the industry has in store for you.

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Current Opportunities

  1. Graduate Surveyor

  2. Graduate Civil Engineer

  3. Graduate Civil Engineer

  4. Graduate Civil Engineer

  5. Graduate Civil Engineer